Podcast #5 Sarah Zürcher aka Yogaralea

Recorded at Klara in my fav interview corner! Sarah Zürcher Her fav Café in Basel : Klara Her fav coffee there : a Schale or Sencha Green Tea with Milk Sarah, a traveling yoga teacher in her own country, passionate about design and self-love, has been living in Basel for about 6 years. She teaches in different … Continue reading “Podcast #5 Sarah Zürcher aka Yogaralea”

Podcast #4 Bianca Fritz

Thank you Kaffeerösterei La Columbiana for letting us do our thing ! Bianca Fritz Her fav Café in Basel : Kaffeerösterei La Columbiana behind SBB in Gundeli Her fav coffee there : coffee/hot chocolate with chilly Bianca identifies as multi-hyphenate (someone who has several different jobs and projects and needs it !) More in the book : The Multi-Hyphen Method. Indeed … Continue reading “Podcast #4 Bianca Fritz”

Podcast #3 Jelena from Fitness by Jelena

A big thank you to Hejkoh who always has outstanding coffee & food and allowed us to record this Podcast! Jelena Joksic Her fav cafés in Basel: if she ‘has to’ sit down: Rosenkranz and Bocconcino. She usually has her coffee to-go though, so she can enjoy fresh air and sunlight. She likes Ferry Tales to … Continue reading “Podcast #3 Jelena from Fitness by Jelena”

Podcast #2 Idit from Kobrini

Idit Kobrin Her fav café in Basel: Café Von Lanthen – where the podcast has been recorded Her fav coffee: Flat white lactose free Idit’s work is all about story telling using the art of film. She promotes small businesses by making short documentaries, guided by authenticity and creativity. The concept of this podcast is … Continue reading “Podcast #2 Idit from Kobrini”

Podcast #1 Carla from Localholic

Rodrigo and I started a podcast about people we find inspiring (more on how it started and the details in another post!) Carla was our very first guest this month and it’s been so much fun interviewing her and equally fun to go through the whole video again to write this! If you are on … Continue reading “Podcast #1 Carla from Localholic”

Podcast #6 Rebecca Roberts

Thank you Hejkoh once again for letting us record from your cute mezzanine! Rebecca Roberts Her fav cafés in Basel: Frühling, Klara, Mitte  Her fav coffee: Cappuccino or Rooibos / Earl Grey Tea Rebecca used to be an interior architect. ‘By nature I’m a spacemaker. For much of my professional life I worked as an interior architect, … Continue reading “Podcast #6 Rebecca Roberts”

Podcast #7 Charlotte Frederiksen

Thank you l’Atelier for letting us record in your awesome space! Charlotte Frederiksen Her fav cafés in Basel: Café Smilla Basel and l’Atelier for a Tea in the AM, their delish Poke Bowl for Lunch or a Basel Smash Cocktail in the evening! Her fav coffee: actually Mint Tea Charlotte is a professional coach specialized in intuition development. … Continue reading “Podcast #7 Charlotte Frederiksen”

Podcast #8 Maria

Thank you Zum Kuss for the great coffee (Haenowitz&Page) and setting! Maria Spin Instructor in Basel  Her fav cafés in Basel: Consum Her fav coffee: as a coffee lover, she likes her coffee black! 6 years ago, as she first tried spinning, she called it the ‘crazy workout’ & used to be afraid of it (I can … Continue reading “Podcast #8 Maria”

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Thank you Danke Merci Namaste