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Podcast #5 Sarah Zürcher aka Yogaralea

Recorded at Klara in my fav interview corner!

Sarah Zürcher

  • Her fav Café in Basel : Klara
  • Her fav coffee there : a Schale or Sencha Green Tea with Milk

Sarah, a traveling yoga teacher in her own country, passionate about design and self-love, has been living in Basel for about 6 years. She teaches in different cities of Switzerland and looooves to travel (and soon teach) far away too, preferably feet in the sand! Her daily meditation & movement practices are inspired by teachers like Michael James Wong, Jonni Polard, Young-Ho Kim and Abraham Hicks.

We met when we were both working at La Manufacture, a hipster burger restaurant in Gundeli (and 2 other locations now) and a couple years later, together with Jasmin and Bianca, we created the Dreiland Yoga Festival. Date for the Fall will be announced very soon! Stay tuned…

How it all started :

She originally came to Basel to study Interior Design. After graduating, as she didn’t want to start working right away, she went traveling to Cambodgia instead, where she rediscovered Yoga & Meditation.

When she came back from her travels, she started working at a café and went to Yoga classes everyday. Yoga was filling her with joy. She liked that after-class-feeling so much that she wanted to start sharing it with others. She decided to go to Costa Rica to take her first Yoga Teacher Training where she learned a lot about herself and life.

When she came back to town, she had a very precise teaching environment in mind: she wanted to recreate what she had experienced at the retreat in Costa Rica – practicing outside in Nature. That idea lead her to start classes at the Hafen in Basel (Klybeck) because it’s a place for EVERYONE, people from all kind of backgrounds, families, different projects, art, food, parties and now Yoga as well. From there, Yogara was born. 


Today she starts her days with Tea, Meditation and Journaling. In the A.M. she either teaches, goes for a run or to a Yoga class herself. She also works on marketing for her classes or on other projects like Dreiland Yoga. She is currently writing a book with her amazing Mum, a spiritual life coach who brought Sarah to meditation many years ago. She also taught her things like Self-Love and the Law of Attraction.

Sarah teaches at different locations in Basel but also in Thun (where she is from) and Bern.

She used to dream about having a Coffee shop and selling interior design stuff + having a room at the back to teach Yoga. Today it is exactly the kind of setting she teaches at (Klara & Ahoi Ahoi for example). She realized that she didn’t need to do it all by herself. Community and happy incidents brought her to where she is today. It’s about asking people (and vizualizing) !

She loves to discover new yoga studios as well as different kind of styles and teachers ‘to keep the fire burning’. She needs places to be nice. Furniture and objects arrangements are also super important (#interiordesignbackground) and it pays off on her beautiful pix!

Her teaching style :

Flow yoga and especially Inside Flow from Young-Ho Kim, moving to the beat of the music, being one with music, movement and breath. She needs a strong practise to be able to relax more. Her savasana is deeper afterwards. To counter balance her energetic nature, she meditates a lot and is actually in Meditation Teacher Training right now.

Her meditation tips :

 If meditation is hard for you, don’t worry, you are not the only one !  Make it an apointment. Put it in your calendar. It should be as important as all the other things you have to do during the day. A priority. Every day. Morning or evening, it doesn’t matter. Make it a habit like brushing your teeth. Don’t force yourself to do anything that feels weird like sitting cross-legged or thinking of a mantra. Make yourself a really safe and comfortable space, alone. Be aware of your breath. Go to her classes for more !

Her self-care :

Goes to yoga classes but doesn’t talk before or after class 😉 / SLEEP / Good food / Chocolate is also self-care ! / Movement / Take a Bath / Read / Journal / Meditate

What would you do with more time ?

BE more. Enjoy more. Be more calm.

What would you do with more money ?

Still teach yoga + projects/ sharing her passion / Travel more / Have a bigger apartment


What did you learn on your journey to entrepreneurship ?

Nurture your dream

Nothing has to happen right now. Things take time and it’s okay.


You don’t have to be perfect.

Learn to value yourself and your work.

Stop comparing yourself to others. You are unique, it’s your superpower.

Take breaks.

Do what’s fun for you and not what you think you have to do.

When it’s fun it’s just way more fun !


2 words to your younger self :

Don’t worry

Chill out


What is work for you ?

Hard for her to say cause she is working constantly but she doesn’t really call it work since it’s fun and she loves to do it. She loves taking pictures and creating flows.

Her future plans :

She doesn’t really make plans but she sees herself teaching yoga retreats and traveling.

She is doing her first retreat this year in Sri Lanka in November and starting to offer Kids Yoga Workshops

Where you might meet her : 

Working on her computer at a café or walking along the Rhine. In one of her Yoga class at Klara, Ahoi Ahoi and the Hafen (Klybeck) again in the Summer. In Thun at Yoga Bude and in Bern, at the Dreiland Yoga Fest or in Sri Lanka at her retreat in November!

And online :

on Facebook @yogara 

www yogaralea.com

on IG @yogaralea 


Podcast #4 Bianca Fritz aka Sukhi Yoga

Thank you Kaffeerösterei La Columbiana for letting us do our thing !

Bianca Fritz

  • Her fav Café in Basel : Kaffeerösterei La Columbiana behind SBB in Gundeli
  • Her fav coffee there : coffee/hot chocolate with chilly

Bianca identifies as multi-hyphenate (someone who has several different jobs and projects and needs it !) More in the book : The Multi-Hyphen Method.

Indeed she works as a Social Media Coach/ Writer/ Yoga Teacher/ Editor/ &&&

Originally from Lake Constance (German side), she has been living in Switzerland on and off for 10 years. We met as she joined the Dreiland Yoga Team as THE Social Media Marketing expert!

Her days at her ‘regular’ job as an Online Editor for a magazine in Zürich are very structured but how does she schedule her days when she is working on her own projects?

She starts with an Ayurvedic morning routine: tongue scratching, oil pulling while walking the dog or writing her morning pages, some sun salutations, it really makes a difference if you move a little bit in the AM, porridge making and last but not least: JOURNALING. She writes to structure her day but also to process what happens in her life. She likes to write without putting the pen down and usually after 1 and a half page, something comes up. 

After writing down her intention for the day, she is then ready to start with coaching calls, yoga classes, workshop prepping, social media marketing and writing.

She is currently writing her next book, more below. She published one of her first short story in Fremdsein, a book project about the feeling of being a stranger. All the benefits went to charity. A project dear to her because she felt that people lost touch of their own humanity cause they were so afraid when the first refugees came to Germany a few years ago. She wanted to remind people that we are all strangers in different situations. She herself has had that feeling from time to time as she first got to Switzerland in 2008.

Whether she is at the office or at home, Sukhi, her dog, is a great excuse/ opportunity to get some fresh air throughout the day.


Your Self-Care practice :

sleeping, reading, traveling, being in the sun, yoga-ing, taking baths, writing, meditating (she likes to practice different kinds of meditations and uses the app Calm). Self-care for her means doing something by herself.

What is your fav thing to do?

Being in Nature, traveling, try different food > food traveler. Her fav country for food is  Vietnam cause it’s a combo of french and asian cuisine (asian dish in a baguette!)


What is work for you ?

Work is everything that’s not self-care and spending time with fam and friends.

You can’t expect it to be easy all the time but it’s also okay if it’s easy, it means you are in the flow.

What did you learn on your journey to entrepreneurship?

  • You don’t need the perfect idea to start otherwise you will never start
  • The idea will change anyway
  • It’s not failing it’s development
  • Just start and see where the journey takes you!
  • Don’t think you have to do it all alone > ask your friends or a coach for help
  • If you feel stuck, remember to ask something higher for the answer (while meditating, journaling or before you go to sleep). The answer will come whichever way.

Your near future projects :

  • Workshops for Yoga Teachers in Social Media Coaching.
  • Writing a book about Social Media Coaching for Yoga Teachers


How do you know when to let go of an idea/ project?

Forgetting is a pretty good sign that’s it’s not the right time but if the idea comes again then definitely go for it!

She is not a big procrastinator but when she does procrastinate : it’s either because of fear or because it’s not the right time. To know the difference she looks deeper into the fear and makes the difference between fears that are holding her back because of old belief patterns and fear that’s protecting her because it’s not the right time. She listens to her gut feeling and talks to people who help her find out, like her coach who might ask: What’s your why? What brings you money right now? What’s your priority?


What would you do with more money ?

She would have 2 homes : one in Basel : Gundeli/ Bruderholz cause Gundeli is super fun and well located + nature is really close. The other one would be somewhere in the South to escape the cold winter: Tenerife for example.

She would also give money to charity: a dog/ kangaroo shelter and refugee children.

What would you do with more time ?

Sleep, read, spend more time with the BF, travel more, do more yoga


3 words to your younger self:


How do you see your life 20 years from now ?

She wants to help people find their own voice to communicate and show themselves to make the good projects come out. It doesn’t matter in what area ‘it could even be politics’, but probably mainly working with women to help them be their authentic-self.


You can find her:

on IG @socialyogis & @sukhiyoga 

on Facebook @SukhiYoganet 

www sukhiyoga.net & biancafritz.com 






Podcast #3 Jelena from Fitness by Jelena

A big thank you to Hejkoh who always has outstanding coffee & food and allowed us to record this Podcast!

Jelena Joksic

  • Her fav cafés in Basel: if she ‘has to’ sit down: Rosenkranz and Bocconcino. She usually has her coffee to-go though, so she can enjoy fresh air and sunlight. She likes Ferry Tales to be by the Rhein or Höheners Bioladen for their vegan nussgipfeli and its closeness to Schützenmattpark.
  • Her fav coffee: black or with oat/ cashew milk


Jelena, citizen of the world and fitness instructor in Basel teaches:


Jumping Fitness a trampoline power work out


Pound Fit a cardio strength work out inspired by drumming.


Her fitness journey started in the vibrant city of Barcelona a few years ago. At that time, she was working in a bank and started to realize that she was trying to fit into something she was not. Sitting all day long at the office was not for her. One day, while reading Ruediger Schache’s book ‘Das Geheimnis des Herzmagneten’ and more specifically, a passage from Charles Chaplin, she got an epiphany : music, dancing, movement, fitness, nutrition, that was it! That was what she liked and what she wanted to do. So she came back to Switzerland and started her Fitness Teacher Training course in Zürich. She later discovered Jumping Fitness and got hooked right away. She started teaching in Zürich but felt the urge to start it in Basel which she did and things started to flow from there. It doesn’t mean that people rushed through the door at the beginning but she was focusing on the people who came instead of focusing on those who didn’t. By keeping an uber-positive-mindset, with patience and passion, most of her classes are now fully booked.

Through teaching, her aim is to spread joy (sometimes on balkan beats 😉 She wants people to feel good!

Outside of her classes, she shares what works for her, right now, in the form of Instagram Challenges. They include : green smoothies, planks, gratitude practices and motivation! They are impossible to resist and are great tools to create healthy habits ! #greensmoothieandplankchallenge

She encourages her students and community to focus on the positive:

Focus on everything the body actually can do and less on the way it looks. Focus on how it feels. There is always something we can be grateful for. It’s about learning not to take everything for granted. It’s a practise but maybe one day you’ll fall more in love with yourself.

The main thing about loosing weight is about our programming: thinking you are not enough which will probably also show in other areas of your life.

We are visualizing all the time but not aware of it and often, we unfornatunately visualize the negative things.

Jelena practices what she preaches and starts her day with meditation – to focus her mind, gratitude practices and a green smoothie. She likes guided meditation with her fav teacher Dr. Joe Dispenza or sometimes visuzalizes what she’d like to attract. Listen to the Podcast to know more, it’s really interesting.


How she wants to live :

She wants to do something she loves /  Not work a lot so she can have a lot of time for herself and travel as much as she can

She believes that :  

Once you are clear about your why -> it manifests / Life has a much bigger plan for you / Life brings you to places that you would never imagine

Her self-care practises :

Nature/ Being by herself  / Meditating / Writing / Gratitude practice / Listening to Podcasts and Music / Reading / Dancing / Hanging-out with like-minded people / Dancing / Traveling

Her fav podcasts :

The School of Greatness,  Ed Mylett & Impact Theory because all of them started with nothing and are now really successful.

What success is for her :

A peaceful joyful life / Sharing positive things with other people and inspiring them / Being in peace with herself


What she would do with more money :

Give more /  Travel more / Donate to charities


Investing in yourself or investing in your business that’s a good way of spending money.

You don’t have to struggle to have money.

People who have money, have money because they think they are worthy (of the money). 


What she would do with more time :

Again travel more / Do more creative things


Her next projects :

  • Will spread awareness about the way we consume things. She will give all the benefits of this new product to charity. For this project, she is going to Serbia in the Spring but we won’t know more for now cause she prefers to keep the new/ big ideas to herself first
  • New fitness programs are on their way… stay tuned !

She is very much in the moment though and doesn’t make plans too far away in the future.


On her journey to entrepreneur she learned :

  • More than the whole time she was an employee
  • Mostly about herself and what she is capable of
  • How to run a business (with the help of other people)
  • How to deal with and communicate with people better
  • To be faithful and trust that it will all go well
  • To let go of something for a moment when it starts to feel like a struggle and to come back to it later.


Her tips for people who want to start their business :

  • If you have an idea : maybe that’s your purpose ?
  • When you visualize it : do you feel excitement ? If yes, that’s the sign to go for it !
  • Fear is normal and it’s ok not to know how to do it > take little steps and inform yourself.
  • It shouldn’t be about money because the money might not come at first and maybe not for a long time…
  • Smooth and easy = a sign to keep on doing it.
  • Learning by doing
  • Let things happen but always take action
  • Go for it !


2 words (or more) to your Younger-Self :

  • You are enough
  • You are worthy of love and everything your heart desires


 You can find her: 

on IG: @fitness_by_jelena 

on Facebook: @jumpingfitnessbyjelena

Here 3 to 4 times per week !




Podcast #2 Idit from Kobrini

Idit Kobrin

  • Her fav café in Basel: Café Von Lanthen – where the podcast has been recorded
  • Her fav coffee: Flat white lactose free 

Idit’s work is all about story telling using the art of film. She promotes small businesses by making short documentaries, guided by authenticity and creativity.

The concept of this podcast is to record in our fav cafés over the best coffee. This one was a little experiment so what it means: it’s gonna be noisy! 😉 Work in progress, bear with us!

A big thank you to Café Von Lanthen who let us do the Podcast and for always welcoming us warmly!

A big thank you to Idit who edited the whole thing:

Idit comes from the Holy Land. She was born in Jerusalem, lived in Basel as a teenager, studied and worked in NYC & Tel Aviv and came back to Basel a decade ago for work.

Although she quickly adapted to the culture and weather, she didn’t quite enjoy the corporate culture as much. So in 2011, after 12 years of office work, she quit and went freelance.

At the beginning she was filming friends and things that inspired her.

One day she had a bicycle accident. It took her 8 months to recover fully. In this period of time, she met Romana and was as inspired as intrigued by her work. She somehow wanted to film her to help her promote her work and exactly there, appeared the concept of:

Filming short documentaries about people and their businesses.

Telling their story, explaining what they do, show their personality, in other words:

get to know them

It’s very easy for her to make people feel comfortable and forget about the camera! She loves meeting different people and learn about all those different businesses.

So far her clientele has been mostly women business owners (to give you an idea: Handlettering Teacher, Sports Teacher, Musicians, Horse Photographer, Poetry Goddess) and this year she’d like to promote all kinds of small business owners, including men.


Creativity has always been a part of her. Everybody is creative and has their own niche in being creative. Nature helps her feel creative and is part of her self-care practice. Walking clears her mind.

Top 3 fav things to do on her time off:

  • Reading
  • Nature bathing
  • Coffee drinking with friends

What she’d tell her younger self in only 2 words:

  • BE YOURSELF because there is no one like you, you are unique
  • TRY IT because you’ll never know otherwise. You can always go back where you were if it doesn’t work out.

Her tips for people wanting to go towards entrepreneurship:

  • Keep your job part-time, don’t quit everything like I did!
  • Try it first, see if it works.
  • Be disciplined, have a schedule of some sort.
  • Join a meet-up group: Basel Creatives for example 😉


Idit is now happily settled down in Basel. The constance of staying in one place for a long time is fulfilling. Through her work and being, she hopes to inspire people who have been through tough times and help people who are figuring out what they want to do, to try out something they really love.


We are all in this together


You can find her:

on Facebook @KobriniDocuStory

on IG @kobrinidocustory

on her website kobrini.com 

on Meet-Up Basel Creatives




Podcast #1 Carla from Localholic

Rodrigo and I started a podcast about people we find inspiring (more on how it started and the details in another post!)

Carla was our very first guest this month and it’s been so much fun interviewing her and equally fun to go through the whole video again to write this!

If you are on an entrepreneurial journey or if you are thinking about it, this podcast is for you!

Headphones on: listen to it HERE

About Carla :

She is originally from Lake Constance. She used to be in event management in Hamburg and landed in Basel a few years ago where she created Localholic, a company that makes you experience Basel differently – a beautiful way to discover the city as well as local products & services aka Local Heroes. She also brought Creative Mornings to Basel and has many more projects in the making!

This is how her week looks like:

  • 3 days/ week Localholic (office in the AM and meetings in the PM)
  • 2 days/ week Creative Mornings
  • Sunday Carla-ME-Time (likes to go for a run in Dreiländereck, spends time in Nature & with friends, likes to cook, read or listen to podcasts!)

What she learnt on her entrepreneurial journey : 

  • Focus on yourself
  • Give yourself time, don’t rush towards a goal that you think you need to attain
  • Business Visions change constantly if not every day!
  • Constantly ask yourself: what do i really want? Keep this question in mind but keep moving forwards.
  • Reflect your work in small steps and know that you can do it from past experiences.
  • Know your strengths (she lists 5 in the podcast!)

The best investment she made:

  • Find out about herself and her skills

working for yourself = working on yourself

Advices to anyone wanting to start a business or project :

  • DO IT! Don’t let your doubts stop you, invite your doubts as questions. Give yourself deadlines and go fully into it!

2 words to your younger self :


Listen to what she does when she experiences fear. It’s brilliant!

What would she do with more money?

  • Invest in more skills

(when I talk about my friend ‘the social media pro’: it’s Bianca Fritz) 

What would she do with more time?

  • Start new projects

What she does when she gets stressed : 

  • She comes back to her weekly schedule and writes it again. This helps her refocus (with a coffee or a tea)

How the world will look like in 20 years and what we can do to make it better:

  • Come back to local products /services
  • Travel less > people travel to find themselves but it’s important to find yourself at home and in your ME-time
  • Reduce your needs > minimalist mindset
  • Take the speed out *

The 2 books she is currently reading: 

  • ‘Schön dass es dich gib’ Laura Maria Seiler
  • ‘Start something that matters’ Blake Mycoskie founder of Tom shoes. 

One podcast she listens to:

Her motto: 


*My fav quote or one of them:

‘The speed is in the head but if you are yourself, if you know yourself better, focus on yourself, know your skills, needs and fears maybe you don’t need the speed anymore?! When you know your skills, you focus on them and your network is full of people who can do things better than you which makes it easier to let go of what you are not good at, because then you just ask your people!’

The power of knowing yourself and community!



Meet her at Creative Mornings this Friday!!!

If you missed it, connect here: 

Facebook @localholic.ch & @CreativeMorningsBasel 

IG @localholic & @cm_basel



One more thing that you won’t hear in the podcast:

The magic behind our first encounter

Carla was visiting one of her Local Hero Haenowitz and Page and having coffee. I was finishing a photoshoot for Yoga, Coffee & Journaling. She saw my yoga mat and we started chitchatting about yoga. I invited her to the event with H&P and she gave me her business card and that’s when I went like: ‘Wow!!! Let me introduce myself again!’ (I didn’t actually say that or maybe I did who knows?!). Why it was so awkward: a few months prior to that weird introduction, I did my very first Yoga & … event. It was Yoga & Wine at Vinigma, a wine company in Gundeli. Valentin, the owner, advised me to connect with Localholic which I, of course, never did! I went on the website though but never reached out. That’s why I was so surprised by Carla’s business card! Synchronicity or the fact that Basel is so small, you always bump into people you know? We’ll never know but I like to think it’s the first one.

(You can find the projects we did together in the ‘Past Events’ Section of this website. Bad Taste Yoga Party & Flohmi and Yoga auf dem Rhystärn