Hi & Welcome to The Journey of Elie!

My full name is Ophélie, I come from a small town in the Dreiländereck area, french side, next to Basel, Switzerland. When I started this blog 3 years ago, it was mainly to share my thoughts, adventures or tips related to some of my favorite topics: travel, food, self-care, healthy living in general & to announce my yoga classes/ events throughout town. 

Today the focus has shifted towards the podcast Elie’s coffee talks where I interview – in the best Cafés of Basel – creative entrepreneurs who share about their entrepreneurial journey, their self-care routine and much more. 


How it all started:

It was during a rough year, I was teaching yoga but I was suffering from back pain since the Fall of 2017. I was going from osteopaths to cranio & massage therapists – I can recommend many BTW ;). So I started practicing less and less. Sometimes I was only able to do gentle movements lying down on my back. So a few months later, I was also starting to teach less and less. I was applying to ‘real jobs’ again – that I didn’t want – of course without success, cause you don’t attract what you don’t want! Lesson learnt!

So what was I doing with all that free time?! I was hanging out with my friends and people who inspire me, having the best conversations over the best coffee in town. You see where this is going?!

Later that year, in the Summer of 2018 I was working on the Theater Festival of Basel. My job was to look after a group of artists for the week. One day, at the airport, talking to an artist who had just flown from South Africa, I was thinking: ‘wow a performer from SA coming all the way here! His life must be amazing! He must be so happy!’. I automatically put myself lower than him because at that time of transition, I was having 5 jobs and projects going on at the same time and felt like a total failure. I was teaching yoga, I was working part-time for an insurance company, I was co-organizing a yoga festival in town (Dreiland Yoga), I was working for a small non-profit organization AND for the Theater Festival. So I was asking him all about his work, being totally fascinated! At some point, he asked me that question I used to hate because I didn’t know how to answer it in only a few words: ‘and YOU what do you do?’

And in that moment, I replied as honestly as I could: ‘I don’t know’. Cause I really didn’t know what all this chaos was going to turn into. And of course I then explained all the things I was doing, some for money and some for passion. Then something magical happened: he started to share about his struggles too and the conversation went to a whole other level, it became really deep and beautiful. It was exactly like the conversations I was having with my friends around coffee that creates this super high energy in me. I then realized and said: ‘I loooooooove talking to people and I wish this could be my job!’. To what he replied: ‘Oprah!’ And I was like: ‘what?!’. He then explained that I could interview people the way Oprah Winfrey does it! I was puzzled and didn’t really understand why he said that. But later that day, I went home and started to think about it again: ‘what could I do on my level: A TV SHOW? No. A podcast?! Maybe yeah! After all, I loved listening to podcasts and found them highly inspiring! So why not?!

A few weeks later, I met a friend who also wanted to start a Podcast so we teamed up for the first one that came out in January this year! Although we didn’t really know how to proceed, I had enjoyed the WHOLE PROCESS!

It was just like having coffee with a friend 😉

That’s how it all started: Elie’s coffee talks: promoting small businesses and entrepreneurs over the best coffee. Building bridges between people, ideas and communities. I truly believe in people having ideas and making them happen. I believe in high quality products, especially foods and drinks. I believe in knowing yourself and doing what’s good for yourself and I believe that knowing others helps to know oneself! 

Thank you Kieron for that great idea! I’ll always be grateful for you and this conversation that Summer 2018 at the airport!