Hi & Welcome to The Journey of Elie!

Here you will find thoughts, adventures or tips related to some of my favorite topics: travel, yoga, food, self-care, healthy living in general as well as my upcoming events and teaching schedule.

Name: Ophelie. Age: Almost 30. Non-virtual Location: Basel area, Switzerland. Work: Life Experimenter & Nomad (but more precisely: Yin Yoga Teacher).

From studying surfing in Australia, working on surf competitions in Hawaii, surviving -40° C in Canada, teaching yoga in Bali, I feel like I’ve had different lifetimes in just my twenties alone. I wanted to see everything, go everywhere and do it all.

Today, after finally having found my passion: Wellness, I’m bringing my focus to my career. I love to share about healthier ways of living – via essential oils, meditation, journaling, food and mouvement practices for adults (yin yoga, mindful flows) & kids yoga – to help people create a launchpad for a happy and successful life!

When I am not working, you can find me:

  • at the Yoga studio, practicing or teaching.
  • having coffee or matcha latte with friends talking about our goals and ideas to save the world!
  • at the farmers market/ health food shop
  • taking pictures (IG: @thejourneyofelie)
  • hiking
  • riding my bicycle (my favorite way to commute)
  • playing the Clarinet
  • reading
  • on a Stand-Up-Paddleboard in the Summer or tropical weather
  • taking Gaga dance classes


Come visit if you are in town!