Podcast #7 Charlotte Frederiksen

Thank you l’Atelier for letting us record in your awesome space!

Charlotte Frederiksen

Charlotte is an intuition coach, she helps people reconnect with their true desire and accompany her clients to get what they want. Originally from Paris, she moved to Basel in 2005 and worked in Communication at DSM for 8 years. There, she learned a lot about the rational mind and the corporate world. In 2014, her job got made redundant. It came as a surprise but she quickly realized how much of a blessing it also was in the meantime.

She then studied Executive Coaching at HEC Paris, where she understood what she really wanted and explored further her interest for intuition.

Today she does executive coaching, she gives intuition workshops and conferences for companies/ business schools and organizations. She recently started a new project with her HR/Legal friend, together they created a GMBH called AniCha (=the law of change) to accompany individuals to maneuver through very difficult changes (burnout, sickness, redundancy, conflicts…).

Intuition is: your ability to capture relevant and exclusive piece of information without reasoning. As soon as you start to deduct, it’s not an intuition.

What is intuition for Charlotte: it guides her to where she wants to go and also indicates where she doesn’t want to go. Thanks to her work, she is now more able to capture relevant piece of information. It’s a life-long process but it is the best investment you can make in yourself. Intuition guides her to prioritize things that matter for her and to know what matters for her, she gives herself time to breathe, pause, observe. If there are different scenarios in front of her, she visualizes herself in each situation, your body tells you which one is the right one. You also need to add the rational mind.

When her body reacts in fluidity, the sensation of her blood circulating everywhere, when it feels open, then it is obvious and it gives her the confidence to go there.

If you feel contraction in your body, it could be a fear or an intuition that guides you towards something that you don’t want to go.


When did your relationship with intuition start?

She would always say: I don’t necessarily believe in God but I believe in my lucky star.

But it really came when her job was made redundant and she had more time to connect with herself. Then, when she was studying coaching, there was a talk about intuition that really triggered her. Later on in her life she couldn’t deny the value of intuition.

Now, with all the research and all her work, she is really well equipped to develop it more consciously for herself and for her clients.


Her mission is: to accompany her clients to get what they want, to get them faster and in a more reliable way towards what they really want to do in their life, to help them reconnect with their true desire. Once they do that, some of their fears won’t exist anymore. This connection has an impact on their self-confidence and brings them clarity. Then, comes the feasibility phase which is way more pragmatic. The last part is communication (how now do I communicate before being in this desired situation).

She only works with clients who feel ready and privileges their autonomy. She is there to guide them rather than telling them what to do.


When did you think about coaching for the first time?

She has always been the one that everybody (friends/ family…) would share their struggles with. Already when she was 14 at school, she filled out a questionnaire where she wrote:

‘I want to help people to find their path’.

Then at 15 she wanted to work in events and communication. 90 % of her wanted to do that and 10 % of her also wanted to study psychology but having seen her grandpa (who was a great psycho-analysist) struggling to do the difference with his patients and family, made her choose Event Management & Communication. That’s one of the reason anyway.

A few years later (16 years ago), while studying Communication and Event Management in Stanford with her current Norwegian husband, she was, already then, thinking about transitioning to coaching but it has never been something she was craving because she was totally content with her life at the time + she was in do-er mode and didn’t realize that she was doing things she didn’t truly want to do.


What does a regular day look like for you?

No regular day!

3-4 days to the office / week

Couple of coaching sessions/ day

It’s important for her to have breaks in-between like going to Pilates, to spend time with her 3 children and to spend quality time with her husband in the evening.

She is a born do-er but now when this tendency comes back, she is much more aware of it and can notice it faster and without judging it.


What would you do with more money?

She would get a second house in Nature for the weekends with Husband and Kids (and friends sometimes), somewhere close to Basel, in France maybe.


What would you do with more time?

She would make all her photo albums. When she looks at them, it makes her value so much all the amazing things she has in her life.


What is your favorite thing to do on your time off?

Hiking in Nature with her friends and husband (and kids more and more). Swimming alone and dancing with friends!


What did you learn on your journey to entrepreneurship?

  1. Listen to your intuition, give space for it to come and of course combine it with your rational!

Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford in 2005: ‘Have the courage to listen to your heart and to your intuition because they somehow already know what you truly want to become’.

  1. ‘Step by step’ because once you find your passion you will do things you were not considering before.
  2. Be honest with yourself, sometimes it’s hard alone so a coach, a book or a trip might help.


 If you could write a note to your younger self:

Don’t worry

Be happy

(and continue to be happy)


What is work for you?

Being fulfilled & useful and enjoying it!


If you were to write a book about your life what would the title be?

‘My journey with my intuition’

Another topic that she is passionate about: what are you ‘passing on’ as knowledge/learnings to the world and your kids?


A recent Anecdote about intuition:

She was hiking in the Alps with her husband and she had an intuition that something was coming, just like an orgasm, you feel when something good is gonna come. She felt this fluidity she sometimes feels in her body and could get ready and enjoy the moment that was about to come even more (the deep conversation with her husband + the beautiful view).


What she finds important in life is: accepting that we have some obstacles on the way to our goals whether it is a physical condition, fears or limiting beliefs, once you accept it and work pro-actively on what really drives you, you just go faster, in a more fun and fulfilling way to where you are supposed to in life.


Where you can find her online:




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